Friday 5 September 2008

Server Core - installing and enabling Access-Based Enumeration

For us and our clients, we absolutely require Access-Based Enumeration (ABE) to be installed on every file sharing server and enabled on every network shared folder.

It is mission critical because ABE hides any folders a user does not have permission to access no matter what method they use to access the file sharing server.

Out of sight, out of mind ... to a degree. ;)

Now, for some of our clients, and for ourselves, we are migrating our file servers to Windows Server 2008 Standard x64 Server Core installations. Performance improvements over Win2K3 Standard GUI install for older hardware with a hard drive refresh is impressive.

Running the install is pretty straight forward:

Access Based Enumeration Install on Server Core

As we are running through the install routine, something to keep in mind: We have no direct GUI on the Server Core box to bring up the folder's properties and manually enable ABE:

Win2K3 Full - ABE Folder Properties

As a result, when we are running through the ABE install on Server Core, we need to do the following:

ABE Installation - Enable Access-based Enumeration by default

Once the ABE install is complete, create your file shares, set permissions either via the command line on the Server Core box, another Win2K8 box, or via RSAT enabled Vista SP1.

More on ABE:

Note that SBS 2008 has ABE installed by default with permissions managed from within the SBS 2008 consoles!

Server Core Rocks! :D

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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