Wednesday 17 September 2008

SBS 2008 - Eval period is up to 240 days!

The core components of SBS 2008 can hold activation off for a combined total of 240 days.

SQL Server 2008 can only run to 180 day trial period.

Microsoft KB 948472: How to extend the Windows Server 2008 evaluation period.

To check how much time is left in the grace period from the command line:
  • slmgr.vbs -dli

The grace period is 60 days in duration. So, on the 60th day or thereabouts, we need to extend the grace period by doing the following:

  • slmgr.vbs -rearm

The above KB article has a script that can be set to run automatically using the Task Scheduler.

While automating the trial extension may be a good idea in some ways, it is also very dangerous. Make sure to put a reminder into Outlook indicating that the trial software is coming to the end of its life if the software is somewhere close to a production environment!

Thanks to David Overton on the tip to extend the trial period: How long is the grace period on SBS 2008 (how long can you evaluate SBS 2008 without entering a product key).

One thing to keep in mind: If a client project comes up where they are confirmed to go ahead with SBS 2008, we can install. We will leave the product in trial mode until such time as the client's product key arrives and we can activate with it. We do not need to miss an opportunity, or install SBS 2003 R2 as a bridge measure.

We are so looking forward to going native with SBS 2008 and Server 2008 for our Active Directory, Exchange 2007, ForeFront and Live OneCare for Server, Remote Web Workplace and TSApps, the Group Policy Central Store (about half way down the article), and way powerful Group Policy settings!

Whoo hoo! :)

Oh ... and we are keeping our ISA :D ... we are in the process of securing SBS 2003 R2 Premium Open Value Licensing on a 3 year spread payment structure. Lots of goodies there folks!

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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Brian G said...

I was wondering if you could verify that you can activate the SBS2008 trial with a Volume License? I've read that it can be done (as long as it's not OEM), but Microsoft says you can't.