Tuesday 31 March 2009

Intel Releasing New 5500 Series Xeons and Components

Intel is releasing a bunch of new technology for Intel branded servers over the next number of weeks.

Here is an overview of some of the new components coming down the pipe:

As always, when it comes time to put a server configuration together, there is the Intel Server Configurator tool.

One of our more eagerly anticipated models is this one:

The unit runs a passive midplane to allow us to install a high performance RAID controller to configure a RAID 5+0 or RAID 1+0 array for high load virualization needs. With the addition of a Quad Port Gigabit I/O module, the second power supply for redundancy, and a couple of 2.5” drive carriers to utilize the full 8 drive bays, we are set to rock! :)

It looks as though the Server Configurator has had a bit of a revamp too as it now includes compatible, which means properly tested, third party hard drives, memory and more.

Below is a screenshot of the new 1U’s configuration as we would put it together with the exception of the drives:

09-03-31 Intel 5500 1U 2.5in Series

SR1625UR Server System

Good things are coming down the pipe since we will receive a lot more bang for our power and cooling consumption dollars!

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