Wednesday 18 March 2009

Viewsonic 24” LCD Monitor – VX2433WM = Nice!

We replaced the broken LG monitor (previous blog post) today with a Viewsonic 24” VX2433WM wide screen LCD monitor. We ended up replacing both LG monitors with a pair of the Viewsonic ones as the difference between the LG and Viewsonic image wise was quite significant.

The one major complaint with the LG monitors was the inability to get them to sync up the colours with the 24” Acer X243w that is the primary display on this particular system. Compared to the Viewsonic, the LG’s display was quite poor.

The colours on the Viewsonic monitors are awesome. The text is crisp, and there is very little if any difference in the warmth of the display relative to the primary Acer monitor.

Other than a little bit of a struggle to get the video cards to sync the refresh and resolution properly for one of the monitors, the install was pretty straight forward.

For the money, these monitors will find their way onto our client’s desks as well. They give great value given how good the display is.

We have had great success with Viewsonic’s support in the past. So, hopefully if there is a need for support we will find that to be the case now too.

Philip Elder
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