Tuesday 3 March 2009

Intel SR1530HSH + Intel SRCSASRB or Other RAID Controller Require IPMB Cable

On the Intel Server System SR1530HSH the SATA backplane is passive. Any hard disk management features are handled between the Intel Entry Server Board S3200SH and an add-in RAID controller if installed.

Now, when we configure Intel servers based on the pedestal style chassis with hot swap capabilities, all of the required cables to connect the backplane with the motherboard and RAID controller are included with the backplane kit.

What we have discovered is that there is no IPMB cable included with the SR1530HSH server system. That discovery was made today while troubleshooting further issues with the SRCSASBB8i RAID controller we hit the wall with firmware wise (previous blog post).

Today we worked directly with an Intel support technician to try and get to the bottom of the problems we were experiencing since our last conversation with them.

As they had recommended, we backed the firmware off to the next oldest revision on the RAID controller to see if the firmware we were experiencing would not happen again.

Once the firmware update was completed and the system was powered down, we powered back up and all three drive lights lit red indicating drive failure. Yet, the RAID controller POSTed successfully with no errors.

We let SBS 2008 boot up to see if the RAID Web Console 2 would show us any errors in the RAID controller specific logs. They were free and clear indicating a successful firmware burn, drive initialization, and OS boot.

The Intel technician eventually found some information about the need for the IPMB cable between the RAID controller and the server board.

Unfortunately, the information that he found was nowhere to be found in any of the publically available configuration for the SR1530SH or SRCSASBB8i RAID controller.

We still need to test things further as we have not fired up the server since fortunately finding an IPMB cable buried in one of our parts bins.

The required part number:

We ordered a couple of packs to make sure we have them around for our future server builds on the 1U hot swap platform that require an add-in RAID controller.

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