Tuesday 17 March 2009

SBS 2008 – Who is Connected by RDP? TS Gateway Manager Knows

When it is time to install patches or software that may bring about the need for a server reboot, we need to know who is working on what on the server.

For files, the default place to check is in the Sessions node in the Computer Management console. Any open files, where they are located, and who has them open are there.

For remote connections, the VPN is managed by RRAS, so any connections can be found in the Routing and Remote Access node under the same Computer Management console.

For RDP though, we now have the ability to actually see who is connected to any server or desktop resources within the SBS network using the TS Gateway Manager:

09-03-17 SBS 2008 - TS Gateway Manager

TS Gateway Manager

We can see how long they have been connected, to what server or desktop they are connected to, and whether the connection has been idle.

The console can be opened by clicking on the Start button and typing the console name in the Search field. Otherwise it is under the Terminal Services folder nested in the Administrative Tools folder in the All Programs list.

Once we know who to get in touch with to let them know that there is a need to reboot, we can be assured that no one will lose any data.

Philip Elder
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