Thursday 7 May 2009

When We Lose A Client

It seems that one of our non-profit clients has received word that they will no longer be operating as of the end of June.

They are a small Roman Catholic Bible school that has been in operation for quite a long time here in Radway, Alberta.

Between enrolment being down and their funds drying up, the powers that be felt it based to close the doors on as much of a positive note as can be possible given the circumstances.

They are the first non-profit we work with of probably many more that are at risk of closing their doors. Since we work with a good number of non-profit agencies, we can see how their funding has been decreasing both from donors and now from the provincial government here in Alberta.

It is tough to say goodbye for the last time. For those non-profit clients that we have been servicing for a long time, there are many folks that we can put a face to as soon as we hear their voice on the phone. The same is true of our face when we call them.

Times are tough, and no one is being spared from being laid off, dismissed, or going out of business ... even those agencies that provide must have services to the poorest of the poor in our midst.

Philip Elder
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