Friday 8 May 2009

Hotel Is Blocking the MSN Messenger Protocol?

Hmmmm … this is a new one to me.

This is the first hotel that I have stayed in where they will not allow the MSN Messenger protocol to flow on their guest network.

A call down to the front desk to find out why the Messenger client was not connecting yielded the fact that the protocol was blocked and that it was for “security” reasons.

When asked about the fact that the guest network was isolated from any internal network, at least it should be, thus preventing any issues the front desk clerk stated that the protocol would not be permitted.

MSN Messenger is a critical communication tool for us with our key clients, suppliers, and those we provide on/off consulting services for. So, being blocked from communicating with those we need to is certainly inconvenient.

All it took was one search to come up with this:


MSN Web Messenger

So, we were able to sign in, get connected to a couple of key folks that we needed to, and now can go about resting up for tomorrow.

Blocking a guest from going about their required Internet communications in the room they have paid for is not really good for business. Needless to say, a comment will be expressed to the folks that manage the hotel to that fact.

Hat Tip: Proxy.Org

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